Patrick A. Carrington

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" – Albert Einstein

My Research

Thumbnail Image for Chairable PaperDesigning Wheelchair-Based Interactive Systems

People who use power wheelchairs often have difficulties interacting with mobile devices. We believe that mobile device accessibility could be improved through designs that take into account users’ functional abilities and leverage available space around the wheelchair itself. I adopt a user-centered approach and apply concepts from wearable and ubiquitous computing to explore the design of wheelchair-based systems.

  1. Carrington, P., Hurst, A., Kane, S.K. (2014) The Gest-Rest: A Pressure Sensitive Chairable Input Pad for Power Wheelchair Armrests. In Proc. ASSETS 2014 (p. 201-208). ACM. [Paper]
  2. Carrington, P., Hurst, A., Kane, S.K. (2014) Designing Chairables: Assistive Augmentations to Support Wheelchair Users. Workshop on Assistive Augmentation in Conjunction with CHI 2014. [Workshop Paper]
  3. Carrington, P., Hurst, A., Kane, S.K. (2014) Wearables and Chairables: Inclusive Design of Mobile Input and Output Techniques for Power Wheelchair Users. In Proc. CHI 2014. (p. 3103-3112). ACM. [Paper]
  4. Carrington, P., Hurst, A., & Kane, S. K. (2013) How Power Wheelchair Users Choose Computing Devices. In Proc. ASSETS 2013 (p. 52). ACM. [Poster]

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